How Rentbiker Works

RENTBIKER is a digital platform for renting bicycles and accessories, property of Rentbiker Rent and Sale of Bicycles S.L.

 Rentbiker es un servicio de alquiler de bicicletas y accesorios
 Rentbiker es un servicio de alquiler de bicicletas y accesorios

On the platform, RENTBIKER offers an online booking service through which all suppliers can list the bicycles and accessories they have available for users to rent.

When you make a reservation through the RENTBIKER platform, you establish a direct contractual relationship with the supplier/s that you reserve with. RENTBIKER only acts as an intermediary between the user and the supplier. RENTBIKER will communicate your reservation information to the supplier/s and send you a confirmation email on their behalf.

During the reservation process, the user must choose the location they want to reserve in, type of bicycle, dates, number of bicycles, and accessories to reserve. The website will give you the option to enter your height in order to calculate the corresponding bike size. Next, you will see the different suppliers in your selected location who have bicycles available, according to the selections made by the user. The user will be able to choose the bicycle(s) they want, as well as any accessories required. In the case of wanting to reserve several bicycles, the user can reserve the bicycles from one single supplier or from multiple suppliers, according to availability or preference.

The user will have available a map showing the position of the different suppliers in the selected location, so that they are able to make their choice based on convenience and proximity.

Our reservation service is free for users

Once the selection is made and you have clicked to reserve, the items will go to your cart where they will remain reserved for a period of 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes have passed, and if payment has not been made, the bicycles will be made available to other users. Once the selection of products to reserve has been completed, the user must proceed with payment. It is at this moment that the user must register, if they have not done so previously. The accepted payment methods are exclusively: Credit/Debit Card. In the case that a client company reserves in direct mode, a bank transfer will be accepted as payment method.

Once the reservation process is finalised, RENTBIKER will send an email confirming the reservation. In the days before the service is provided, the user will receive a reminder by email.

When picking up your bicycle(s), you must provide a DNI, passport or other type of valid identification.  Some suppliers may require a deposit. Make sure you read all the particular conditions of each supplier carefully; these can be found on our platform.