Cookie Policy

What are cookies and what does Rentbiker do with my data?

Rentbiker uses cookies and other similar technologies in order to help provide, protect and improve the Rentbiker platform.

This policy explains how and why we use these technologies and the relevant options available to you.

A cookie is a small data file that is installed on your device (e.g. your phone or computer). For example, one type of cookie could allow us to recognise your browser and another could store your preferences. The Rentbiker Platform uses two types of cookies: 1) session cookies and 2) permanent cookies. Session cookies usually expire when you close your browser, whereas permanent cookies remain on your device after closing the browser window, to be used again the next time you access the Rentbiker Platform.

Additionally, we use other technologies with a similar functionality, such as web beacons, pixels, mobile IDs and tracking URLs, in order to obtain Registration Data (in the way agreed to in the Privacy Policy/LOPD (add link)). For example, our emails may contain web beacons and tracking URLs to determine if you have opened certain messages or accessed certain links.

Why does Rentbiker use these technologies?

We use these technologies for several purposes, such as:

  • To allow you to access and use both the Rentbiker Platform and its Payment Services.
  • To allow, facilitate and optimise the functionality of the Rentbiker Platform and access to it.
  • To better understand how you browse and interact with the Rentbiker Platform in order to be able to improve it.
  • To provide custom advertising (on both the Rentbiker Platform and third-party websites).
  • To show you content (e.g. ads) that is most relevant to you.
  • To monitor and analyse the performance, functionality and efficiency of Rentbiker ads and the Rentbiker Platform.
  • To ensure compliance with the legal contracts that govern the use of the Rentbiker Platform.
  • To detect and prevent fraudulent activities, as well as conduct investigations for detecting possible fraud.
  • For purposes related to customer service and as part of our activities regarding analysis, research, product development and regulatory compliance.


Third Parties

We may also allow certain business partners to use these technologies on the Rentbiker Platform. Such partners use these technologies: 1) to help us analyse how you use the Rentbiker Platform, for example by annotating which third-party service you arrived from, 2) to sell or advertise Rentbiker Services on the Rentbiker Platform and third-party websites, 3) to help us detect or prevent fraudulent activities or perform risk assessments, and 4) to collect information about your activity on the Rentbiker Platform or other websites, or about which advertisements you've engaged with. For example, in order to help us better understand how people use the Rentbiker Platform, we work with several analytics partners, including Google Analytics. To prevent Google Analytics from using your information for analytical purposes, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Tracking technology may also be used by third parties to place ads that they think are more likely to catch your attention, and to measure the efficacy of their ads on both the Rentbiker Platform and on other websites and online services. The segmentation and advertising cookies that we use may include Google as well as other networks and advertising services that we make use of. For more information about segmentation and advertising cookies and how they can be disabled, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page, the Digital Advertising Alliance opt-out page or If you wish to voluntarily unsubscribe from Google Analytics, which is used for graphic advertising and personalising ads on the Google Display Network, you can visit the Google Ads Settings page. It is possible that, if the advertising technology is integrated into the Rentbiker Platform, you may continue to receive advertising content despite having voluntarily unsubscribed from custom advertising. In this case, the advertising content will not be adapted to your interests. We do not control these opt-out links, nor do we take responsibility for the availability or accuracy of these devices.

Third-party Social Plugins

The Rentbiker Platform may use social plugins which are provided and managed by third parties, such as the Facebook 'Like' button. In this way, you can send third parties information about what you are viewing in a certain part of the Rentbiker Platform. If you have not accessed the account you have with the third party, it is possible that they may not know your identity. If you have accessed the account you have with the third party, they may be able to link information or actions related to your interactions with the Rentbiker Platform. Please consult the third party's own privacy policies for more information about their data practices.

Your Options

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, although you can modify your browser settings to reject them by accessing the Help section of the toolbar.

Flash cookies work differently than navigation cookies and cannot be eliminated with the existing cookie management tools available in web browsers. For more information on how to manage Flash cookies, you can visit the Adobe website and make the appropriate changes in the Global Privacy Settings panel.

Your mobile device may allow you to control cookies through its Settings function. See the device manufacturer's instructions for more information.

If you choose to opt out of cookies, it is possible that some sections of the Rentbiker Platform may not work as expected or may not work at all.